Meet your BeHive Massage Team


Heidi Henderson



Ashmead College
Seattle WA

I firmly believe that an active, healthy lifestyle needs deliberate self care and massage. It is essential. I believe that massage helps us to BE in our own bodies, to be present and aware, to be rejuvenated, and to be healed. I specialize in clients that are athletes and active people of all levels. I can design a massage program to assist in training, injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance.

laura lee

Laura Lee



Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics
Tacoma, WA

As a massage therapist and healer my goal for each session is to get my client feeling and performing their best and keeping them there. I use an intuitive blend of deep tissue, treatment, sports and relaxation massage to calm and heal the body. I treat the whole body as a system with Swedish, Thai and trigger point therapy, utilizing cupping and Gua Sha scrapping to aid in pain management and relaxation.




Cortiva Institute 2018

I use deep tissue and relaxation techniques to provide therapeutic treatment care in a way that is calming and comfortable. My goal is to help clients not only relax but ultimately to feel better in their everyday life and improve function.




Cortiva Institute 2019

My goal is to help you get to your healthiest and best self. I luckily get to do that through the power of massage! My specialties are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Sports, injury, Lymphatic and Trigger Point Massage. I also specialize in full body passive and assisted stretching as well. I customize each session to match your body's needs using a combination of these modalities and more. When I'm not doing bodywork I love to teach clients how to continue the benefits of massage at home through stretching and self care education.

chrisotpher blunt


MA 60203910

Everest College 2011

In my practice of massage my clients and I work collaboratively to resolve pain, promote healing and achieve balance, both muscularly and energetically. My therapeutic tools include Swedish, Shiatsu, acupressure, deep tissue, relaxation, reflexology, chakra alignment, Reiki, passive stretching and treatment work to name a few.

I have a deep understanding of kinesiology and the musculoskeletal system and will help you to understand the sources of your pain, so that strides toward wellness can be made in and out of the massage room. My goal is for you to feel good and perform most efficiently in your daily life.



MA 60954715

Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics 2018

As a body worker I view massage like a dance, a therapist-client relationship that builds trust and understanding to facilitate healing, pain relief and total relaxation. My goals are to navigate the body, locate muscle tensions and adhesion patterns while creating balance, fluidity and increased mobility throughout the body or specific treatment area. My massage modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue and Trigger Point.