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Being a Triathlete / Marathoner means using a lot of different muscles a lot of the time. That also means some sore muscles too. Since meeting Heidi I have been getting massages regularly, massage speeds my recovery and keeps me injury free. One time in-particular I came in to see Heidi with an injured calf, it had cramped up on me at mile 22 during the marathon. My running came to a standstill. I had several other Marathons scheduled in the fall. With Heidi’s help I was able to get back to training in no time and I made it through my fall marathons just fine.

Thanks Heidi!

Tony Phillippi
Tacoma City Marathon Director - Marathon Maniac #3
250 plus Marathons - Ultras / 8 Ironman finishes

I have been seeing Heidi Johnson for massage about once a month for the last 4 years. As an elite distance runner and personal trainer, I really depend on my body for my career. Heidi's bodywork has become an essential part of my running success and she has also become a good friend. She keeps my body feeling fresh and ready to train hard and helps me recover quickly from races. I love the way she genuinely cares about my accomplishments and goals. She believes in me and works hard to help me make my dreams a reality. I have had other massage therapists work on me but none have even come close to giving me the running specific work my body needs to perform at its best. I love her work so much I even took her with me to the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon in Houston! That was a priceless experience for both of us. And once I make the 2016 Olympic Trials qualifying standard, I am hoping to take her to the 2016 Olympic Trials Marathon in L.A. too!

Heidi it was great to see you today! I adore you :).

Ruth Perkins

"I have been so fortunate to sustain a long relationship with such a great massage therapist in Heidi and truly believe that because of her desire to perfect her craft and dedication in the field of massage that I have been able to keep my body healthy and ready to compete in major Championships and events Internationally and Nationally."

Joseph Gray

As a Physical Therapist and competitive runner, I have studied, prescribed, and enjoyed the benefits of massage therapy. Following a stress fracture and IT Band injury in college, I knew I would need support in order to stay healthy, train, and perform at a high level during PT school. Heidi was the help that I needed, and it was love at first massage.

Heidi came highly recommended from other elite runners, and they were spot on. She simply has a way of understanding my body and how to work muscle groups in order to keep me performing at a high level.

Now, as a Oiselle Haute Volee athlete shooting for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials, Heidi has given me a peace of mind that I no longer have to worry about little aches and pains. Train on!

Peace of mind. Performance. Balance. Thanks, Heidi!.

Allison Maxson

"We’re fencers. It was our fencing coach who suggested that massage should be an integral part of our training schedule – a bit of advice which has made a noticeable difference in our performance. We quickly discovered that even when we might think that all our muscles are relaxed and balanced, Heidi can find some that are tight and in need of attention. Because she herself is an athlete, Heidi knows what to look for from head to foot. We rely on Heidi – both her hands and her advice - to keep ourselves flexible, mobile and injury free – and on the performance path to the medals."

David & Kerry Schaefer-Gadbois

Amazing! Intuititive! Personalized! Genuine! Incredible! These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think about Heidi’s care and expertise. She is truly one-of-a-kind. As a five time Olympic Coach, I have been fortunate to work with some of the of THE top massage therapists in the USA. I can tell you that none are better than Heidi Johnson. Whether you’re an active person, a recreational athlete (as I am) or an elite competitor, Heidi has the experience, know how and personal investment to provide first class treatment, prevention and care. She has earned my highest regard and recommendation.

Colleen M. Hacker, Ph.D.


As the director of training programs for Route 16 Running & Walking, I am constantly calling on Heidi to help not only my runners but myself. I know I can count on her expertise and capable hands to mold and knead my runners into tip top shape and health. Whether you are struggling with run of the mill tightness or trying to work through/rehab an injury you will benefit greatly from Heidi Johnson's work. What Heidi does for individuals goes far beyond the realm of massage therapy. In every sense of the word she is a true healer and leader in the greater South Sound athletic community.

Alexa Martin
Director of training programs for Route 16
(Running store in Gig Harbor)


As a longtime runner and new triathlete I started going to Heidi sometime around 2007 with hamstring issues. I had National and World championships looming with growing tightness and pain in my hamstring. After hearing about Heidi from other triathletes, I started working with her on a regular basis. She has managed to keep me healthy and on the roads doing what I love to do. I continue to have regular sessions with Heidi whether I am hurting or not, her treatments have become an important element of my training.

Nancy Abraham

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